Why was my credit denied? How to get a loan?

Why was my credit denied?

How to get loan? The credit analysis to evaluate the possibility of a loan is very careful, after all this is how we managed to guarantee better rates for customers. If you have had your credit denied, do not be upset as there are a number of reasons that can lead to this.


Negative name    

Being with irregular CPF is one of the most well known reasons. Find out what has negatived your name so you can regularize the situation to ask for Personal Loan. Wecash works with credit solutions for negatives and we will indicate the best partner for you .


Low Score

Certainly a bad credit score, can limit your chances of getting a loan.

score numbers

Income commitment

How to get personal loan with your committed income? Your income can not be more than 30% committed to the amount you are applying for. Try to finish paying more debt installments to show that you will have enough to pay the installments of the requested credit. This will make a lot of difference when analyzing your financial profile. It also protects you from hanging yourself unintentionally. It is certainly a good way to protect both the client and the personal loan company.

Incorrect or outdated data

If you have incorrect or incomplete data, the system will understand that there is an information conflict and deny the request. Getting credit becomes a longer process as analysts will have to sort out the information.

committed income

Problems in federal revenue

If your CPF is not regular with federal income, your loan application may be denied. During the analysis, information such as income, marital status, type of employment, address, and other variables will be verified.

Other variables

In addition to all the cases described above, there is a general assessment of the data reported to verify that they have been fully substantiated with the documentation, which may lead to the denial of the loan if they disagree. So the next time you see yourself asking how to get a loan, be smart about the validity of your documents.