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Channel 4 Grand Designs fans rage as £ 700,000 spent on ‘most hideous house ever’ that ‘looks like an Asda’

This week’s Grand Designs on Channel 4 saw Geoff risking everything to build a huge house in a floodplain in East Essex on a budget of £ 700,000.

But viewers said it was the “worst house they’ve ever seen” and looked like a supermarket.

Following a divorce, Geoff sold his house in London, the family home in Spain, and lived in a trailer there in order to pay for the large construction.

After battling the wet weather, the Covid pandemic, and the stress of undertaking a solo project, Geoff finally completed the project.

“Horrible house, horrible decor. One of the worst houses I have ever seen,” said a viewer when the house was revealed.

The house that Geoff built

“He’s building the Costa del Asda,” said another viewer.

It didn’t give Asda vibes but Aldi for another viewer who said: “Looks more like they’re building a new Aldi warehouse rather than a house.”

Other viewers took a more sympathetic approach, saying, “Well, if Jeff is happy, that’s all that matters. His money, his time, his house.”

Geoff certainly injected a lot of personality into the episode; halfway through, he notably decided to go golfing despite the fact that presenter Keven McCloud said it was “the most stressful day” of the project.

Geoff also said “It’s frustrating to have a million pounds in the bank and not be able to spend it”, when the pandemic delayed construction, with many viewers pointing out that it wasn’t quite a problem. horrible.

Nonetheless, viewers quickly warmed to his personality and headed for him for the home of his dreams – one that ended up dividing opinions.

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