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Ideas for Small and Medium Businesses in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates offers a lot of opportunities for locals and expatriates. The country has prepared an excellent ground for the opening of small and medium-sized enterprises. The country’s geographical location is advantageous for penetrating international markets.

In this article, we’ll tell you about options for starting your business that don’t require time-consuming legal procedures.

Car wash

Dubai is known the world over for the abundance of luxury cars in the city. The city’s location in the hot desert suggests that cars are often dirty, and owners of expensive cars are reluctant to drive dirty cars. Many people own a car and many also rent a car for long journeys. Visitors like to rent cars at high speed. For example, Ferrari rental in Dubai has a large fleet of vehicles and customers should have cars that are clean and in excellent condition. That is why the car wash service will always be in demand in this country, the main thing is to choose an excellent recognition strategy.

Open a cafe or restaurant

In this country, people live at a fast pace and it is not always possible to cook at home. That’s why cafes and restaurants are always full of people. If you have the experience of doing such a business in your country, then you can surprise people with your high quality national cuisine.

Home meal delivery

Another option for doing business is to prepare homemade meals and deliver them to customers. Not all residents want to constantly eat in restaurants and taste delicious food. Most want to eat homemade food, but they don’t have enough time to cook it.

Lunchtime food delivery or evening home delivery after a hard day’s work will always be in demand.

Creation of extraordinary excursions

Many tourists are faced with the fact that when they come to rest in a new country, they are offered standard boring excursions, which they can find in any country. They differ only in the benchmarks. After you have reviewed all of the excursions on offer, you can create your own unique product and start promoting it.

Creation of a recruitment company

The Arab Emirates are renowned for their hospitality and for being recruited from abroad. The number of people looking to find a suitable vacancy and move to this country is undoubtedly surprising. Business recruiting departments do not always have the time to consider a wide range of candidates. That is why you can open your own business and help those who want to find a vacant position and businesses to find a qualified specialist.

Cleaning service

The people who live in this country work almost 24 hours a day and only come home to sleep. In this regard, not everyone has enough time for cleaning. This option opens up the possibility of setting up your own business to provide such services.

Appliance repair

Appliances tend to break. Specialists who know how to manage household appliances will always be in demand. However, many companies ask people to come to the office to bring a broken item. As a unique idea, you can find qualified professionals and offer your repair services, coming to your customers’ homes. Many will like this option because customers will not need to waste time and bring equipment to the office.


The United Arab Emirates hosts a large number of celebrations and parties. Every event needs the service of food and waiters who will serve the guests. With a list of restaurants that can cook for the holidays and a team of waiters, you can build a business that will always be popular. By building your customer base, you will have repeat customers. After providing top notch service, many will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

Souvenir products

Such a business is profitable because you do not need to establish souvenir production. Just buy souvenirs in bulk and pack them in gift boxes and bags with your company logo on them. Just think of an original way to wrap and search for souvenirs, which are rarely found in stores.

Path to success

In this country, as in any other, there is a lot of competition in all spheres of activity. If you want to start a business in this country, then you need to seriously approach the issue of providing a unique service. In this case, you are guaranteed to be successful.

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